90s lipstick is making a comeback and we are 110 per cent ready for it.

Welcome to 2016 where chokers, midriffs and slip dresses have crept through our screens and into our wardrobes.

You may be asking yourself: what’s next?

Will Taylor Swift pull a Gwen Stefani and start wearing only mesh?

Will Destiny’s Child make another girl anthem a la Survivor?

I wish.


The next 90s trend to take over is 90s lipstick. Bold, wintry, frosted and shimmery.

Not sure what I mean?



When one of our brave and beautiful editors trialed a touch of blue.

Brands like Urban Decay have jumped on board the trip down memory lane with a new range of 90's inspired looks.

The range is yet to hit stores but surely you can do a dig around to source some wintry colours of your own.

Remember: Bold. Shiny. Glossy. You got this.

Feature image via Snapchat/Jersey Films.