Former Home and Away star shares "nightmare" stories about working on the show for six years.

Unless you are an avid Home and Away viewer, you probably wouldn’t remember the face of Daniel Amalm.

Playing the character of Jack Wilson, Amalm first appeared on the show as a fresh-faced 14-year-old in 1994.

From the very beginning, still a teen, he was overwhelmed by the experience.

“I remember one of the first scenes I shot where Jack gets introduced to the Ross family, and — being totally untrained — I would look at the monitor screen each time between my lines and watch the shot,” he told

“It really pissed off one of the actors — he actually uttered, ‘Where do they find these kids?”

Daniel playing one of the naughty boys on Home and Away. 

Despite appearing on the show for six years, until 2000, things progressively got worse for the actor.

One time, during a particular difficult scene, people on the set grew angry with the young actor who just couldn't nail the scene.

"You got one hour to get this scene right now; don’t f**k it up," a senior member of the TV show said to him.

He then blanked out, almost in a state of paralysis.

This was the first of what Amalm thinks were a series of traumatic panic attacks.

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Added onto that, to be on the show, he had to move away from his family who were still based in Sydney.

"As a 14-year-old old kid I wasn’t aware that the pressure and stress could eventually affect me, and just threw myself in the deep end and found my own coping mechanisms along the way," he said.

To this day, he still has nightmares about his experiences and forgetting his lines.

Since leaving the show, Amalm has relocated to Norway to pursue a career as a professional musician.