You owned Tencel jeans and 17 other signs you ruled fashion in the 90s.

Tamagotchis, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friends, Nirvana and The Spice Girls: I think we can all agree that the 90s was an amazing time for music, tv, and technology.

But fashion? Notsomuch.

From tencel jeans and bodysuits to moon rings and Stussy EVERYTHING, it was hard not to be a fashion victim in the 90s. Read on for 18 signs you ruled fashion in the 90s.

1. You wanted a hat with large flowers on it.

Thanks to Girlfriend (the band), and Blossom.

2. Tencel jeans.


3. Mood rings.

Anyone else’s mood always brown?

4. Chunky shoes.


Especially pork pie hats.

6. Tartan pants.

8. Striped jumpers.

9. Open back tops with chains.

Otherwise known as ‘formal wear.’

10. Chokers.

11. T-shirts under dresses worn with platform sneakers was your signature look.

12. Hypercolor t-shirts.

13. Bodysuits with crotch snaps.

14. Raver pants.

And anything with a smiley face.

15. Zig zag headbands and butterfly clips.


16. Bodysuit + Flanno shirts + Baggy jeans = Style Trifecta.

17. You begged your parents to buy you yellow-stitched Dr. Martens to wear to school.


18. You considered wearing condoms on the outside of your clothes because TLC did.



How many of these 90s fashion trends did you own? What did we miss off the list?

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