The 9 things to do instead of nagging.

Nagging is bad for our relationship and our health. But it’s just. So. Hard. Not. To. Do. It. Right?

The results are in. Nagging is not only incredibly annoying, it can damage your health.

Research from the University of Copenhagen has found that having a nagging partner can shorten your life and increase  the chances of heart disease and cancer.

Having a parent who nags their children apparently doesn’t have this effect (wiping brow).

So, what are those pet peeves that leave you seeing red closely followed by the same old ranting and raving that results in no change at all? What about your annoying habits that drive your partner on the wall but that you constantly do, despite being nagged not to?

Here are 9 common causes of nagging and ides for things you can do instead. CLICK THROUGH the gallery and if you are on a mobile, the description is below the pic:

What do you and your partner nag each other about?