9 different "nude" lip colours for different skin tones.

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Nude lipstick is one of those key items that no woman’s makeup kit can be without. Nude lips are the perfect team mate for nighttime smokey eyes and are also great for jazzing up a daytime look without leaving you feeling “overdone”.

The problem when it comes to this beauty item? Finding the right shade for your lips can feel near impossible. If you have light lips, everything feels too dark, if you have naturally darker lips, everything feels too light.

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I tried nine different nude lip variations so you can pick which variety would suit you. Take a flick through the gallery. (Post continues afterwards.)

6 tips for picking the perfect nude shade.

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1. The best tip I have ever come across is to look to your gums. Yep, that’s right. Get all Mr. Ed with it and expose some gummy goodness right there at the makeup counter. The shade of your gums is pretty much exactly what you should be looking for.

This is strangely exactly what you want to do to get the perfect nude shade.


2. The tone of your skin can change what your ideal shade of nude lip should be. So, if like me, you enjoy the odd smattering of fake tan (or happen to go a little darker in the warmer months) you might want to invest in a couple of nude lipsticks.

3. Understanding your undertone is crucial. Determine whether you are warm, cool or neutral-toned by looking to the veins in your wrist. If they appear more green than blue, you're warm-toned. The other way around and you're cool-toned. If you're having trouble determining either green or blue tones you're likely to be neutral which is great because it means you can get away with a lot more than the rest of us.

I told you I tried a few. Image: Supplied


4. Cool-based skin tones tend to suit more berry tones and pink nudes. Avoid anything with brown and red-bases as these will appear too dark and obvious.

5. Olive skin tones (who tend to be warm) are lucky because you have a lot more options when it comes to nude lipsticks. Generally you'll be able to wear anything pink, beige, peach or even orange without it appearing over the top.

6. Avoid any nude lipstick which is lighter than your skin tone. You'll look washed out.