9 apps you need to download yesterday.

Dear Apps,

We need to have a chat.

We love you dearly, but there are so. many. of. you.

We were okay when the app market consisted mostly of Angry Birds and…. well… Angry Birds.

But now that everyone’s realised the potential of a truly great app, we’re in trouble. Because there are more than 100,000 of you out there. And while some of you are fantastic – truly – others are nothing more than a picture of a really cranky cat that screeches when you tap the screen.

And that’s not exactly what we’re looking for.

So we’ve had to compile this list of our favourites – just so Mamamia readers can also navigate their way through the maze.

Let us know if we left any of you out – we didn’t mean to! (Unless, of course, you’re that screeching-cat app.)

Lots of love,

MM team.

1. Cozi Family Organizer

Struggling to keep track of work commitments and playdates and appointments and after-school activities and everything else that’s on your plate? Can’t remember if your husband promised to pick little Jeremy up from Katie’s house? Or were you supposed to do that while he was sourcing dinner? Cozi tracks all this stuff AND syncs with your loved one’s phones too, so that you can delegate duties when you need to chill out.

2. Postagram Postcards

Everybody loves a postcard, and with this app, you can send them from your phone. Good way to avoid ever having to step foot in a post office again. You can also integrate with Instagram to use your own images to create the postcards.

It’s one of the best apps. Do you have it?

3. Airbnb

This is like the real estate version of Etsy. It’s an easy-to-use app that connects you with people who have spaces to rent. You can even book directly from your phone.


4. StumbleUpon

Best way to kill time EVER. And also a really good way to discover interesting things to bring up at dinner parties. Browse through interests such as Humour, Music and Photography to find stories, photos, videos and who knows what else.

5. This American Life

This American Life is a beyond-amazing podcast and, incidentally, one of the most popular ones on the planet.  The app is less than $3 and you get access to their entire archive going back to 1995. Run.

6. Solar

This is an extremely pretty app for looking at the weather forecast. For those who are obsessed with what’s happening in the great outdoors.

7. Checkmark

So you’re walking past the chemist but you completely forget to pick up the thing you’ve been meaning to get for at least two weeks. Never fear! Checkmark is a location-based reminders app that sends you a notification based on where you are, so that you never forget an errand again. Handy.

8. Card Munch

Business cards really have no place in this modern day and age. If you take a picture of a business card, Card Munch strips all the information off it and stores it as a new contact in your phone. SO genius.

9. Foodspotting

So you loved the spag bol you had at that random Italian place in the city last night? Rate the dish on Foodspotting so that other people can find it too.

“Leading app for finding and rating dishes, not just restaurants.”

 Are there any apps you’re absolutely loving at the moment?