This 8 y/o girl's name is ruining her family's life.


Eight-year-old Isis Leskien has spent her whole life believing her name is beautiful and unique.

Her parents carefully chose her name from the ancient Egyptian god of magic for its representation of strength.

These days however the name Isis has other connotations – of terror and fear.

Of beheadings, of death and of untold horrors.

Instead of people telling Isis how beautiful her name is they are now suggesting to her mother that she changes it.

Isis’s mum, Sheridan Leskien told News Limited that when she tells people her daughter’s name is Isis they are shocked, she said friends are even abandoning them refusing to be associated with the Sydney family.

“Some people say we should change her name, but that’s just ridiculous,” Mrs Leskien says.

“She’s eight years old, she’ll hardly be told what to do at all. What people need to do is stop using this beautiful name for this evil group.”

Isis’s mother said that so far the little girl was unaware that her name was associated with the terror group.

Isis’s name is being linked to terror and death.

“Every day there’s some sort of reference in the media or brought up in conversation about fighting ISIS, about how ISIS is evil, and I’m worried that she’s going to be targeted,” Isis’s mum said.

The name – ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. Many in the media, politics and through the world have been using the acronym to refer to the terror group.

Even US President Barack Obama uses the term.

But thousands of women throughout the world would prefer that an alternative term is used.

Sheriden has joined a worldwide petition calling for the media to stop calling Islamic State ‘Isis’.

The petition which has now received over 30,000 votes was started by woman named Isis Martinez.

It asks for people to sign to “ help the thousands of women and little girls named Isis who are suffering from this backlash caused by the media.”

It pleads, “Help us take back our name.”

Isis Martinez started the petition.

Isis Martinez says on her Facebook page, “Save our Name” that people cringe when she tells them her name.


She wrote that what prompted her to begin the petition was

“The reactions to my name can be awkward sometimes but the straw that broke the camels [sic] back happened this morning when an intake nurse in the emergency room asked how I pronounce my name and I answered, her phase [sic] showed such incredible sadness for me and she said she felt bad for me.”

Since the media coverage and the petition Isis Martinez said she has heard stories of how women are being asked if Isis is their real name, and parents saying their children are being bullied in school for having the moniker.

“I named my daughter after a wonderful mythical Egyptian goddess of life because I had so much trouble keeping a pregnancy. She is the light of my life and the group who uses that name shouldn’t be associated with such a strong, feminine figure. Please stop calling them ISIS.” Writes one

“How do you think it will impact our daughters psychologically not to mention socially? Please stop using the acronym ISIS to refer to the terrorist organisation and help little girls and their families across the globe to be at peace” says another.

The backlash against the name has affected more than just individuals. News Limited reports that an Australian construction company named ISIS is also considering changing its name after receiving threats.

One read “Hey you terrorist bastards, I hope you bastards all die in Iraq, you terrorist al-Qaeda bastards, you ISIS pieces of s**t,”

While the petition gathers signatures others have not been as accepting of  its demands with comments on sites such as Reddit saying the focus should be on stopping the terrorists, not on what they are called.

Do you agree with the petition?

“Seems to be a lot of people thinking the acronym is more important than the atrocities they commit.”

But for the Leskien family the fallout has been extremely hurtful. Sheridan Leskien says it is tearing her family apart.

“It’s ruining our family and it’s ruining Isis’s future. I’m heartbroken for all the families being affected (by Islamic State), the journalists, the different people who are suffering, but my family is suffering too.”

What do you think should Islamic State be referred to as something else by the media and politicians?