A young boy is being tested for STDs after playing with a used condom.

When to toss things

“He’s at risk for HIV, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia.”

There is a strong lesson for anyone who wants to ‘do the deed’ in a public playground – don’t.

On Tuesday, an 8-year-old boy picked up what he excitedly thought was a balloon. He tried to blow the ‘balloon’ up before a teacher noticed the boy was in fact trying to blow up a condom. A used condom.

It is not a balloon.

She saw the boy with the condom in his mouth and quickly made him wash his hands and his mouth before getting rid of the used sex protection.

Because the offending rubber was thrown away, no testing could be done on it to find out if there were any diseases on it. As a result the young boy from Colorado, USA will have to undergo STD tests for the next 12 months to ensure he hasn't caught any diseases according to My Fox LA.

"He's at risk for HIV, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia," the child's mother told the LA news site. "That would be a lifelong process, millions of dollars in medical bills, I mean this is just an unbelievable tragedy."

It's going to mean expensive medical bills now.

The school's superintendent said that it would be left up to liability insurance to figure out what coverage they'd receive.


"They will not pay for it because it's taxpayers money and I feel like I'm a taxpayer. So, I mean, this is my son and they failed to protect him," his mum told My Fox LA.

It's been reported that the school will be adding surveillance cameras to the property.

What do you think about used condoms being in kids' playgrounds?

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