8 ridiculously fun ways to work out. This is as non-exercisey as exercise gets.

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Sometimes convincing yourself to work out is a little bit like getting a dog to eat a worming tablet: you just have to bury it inside something that’s so delightful, you won’t even realise what’s happening to your body until it’s all over.

Although you can’t literally stick your workout inside a meatball and digest it that way (oh, if only!), you can disguise it by making the experience so fun that you’ll actually enjoy yourself… and keep your body fit at the same time. It’s like  a totally delightful form of cheating.

The ultimate workout for when you’ve only got 10 minutes.

If sweating it out at the gym or pounding the pavement isn’t your bag, try these activities on for size:

What’s your favourite way to work out?

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