Is this the most awkward interview of Victoria Beckham ever?

Yeah, even more cringe-y than Spice World.

Vogue magazine in the US has done its regular 73 question segment with the never smiling, always stylish Victoria Beckham.

And it. Is. Gold.

The interviewer fires off his questions as Victoria takes him on a tour of her new London store and her answers are just a perfect scripted mix of awkwardness and hilarity.

To kick things off Victoria and her store manager go in for the classic handshake/air kiss mix up.


Despite how clear it is that Victoria has spent the night rehearsing her answers, the interview is actually quite funny.

When asked what one film she could star in, she reminds her interviewer she already had her wish fulfilled.

“I starred in ‘Spice World,’ the movie, and I am still waiting for my Outstanding Achievement Award,” she explains.

Image via Vogue.

Victoria was also asked the one question she absolutely hates: Why don't you smile? “I’m smiling on the inside," she explained. "I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community.”

Her other bits of wisdom?

She could never choose between Harry or William, heels or flats, diamonds or pearls. Neither could we to be honest.

And her most surprising trait? “Comedy gold,” she deadpans.

You can watch the whole thing here.

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