We loved wearing platforms, we never wore seatbelts

The 1970s were arguably the best decade in living history.

Although those of us who had the privilege of living through it might be a bit biased. I mean we did have David Cassidy pinned to our bedroom walls (and ceilings), got to wear bellbottoms, didn’t wear seat belts and drank cordial out of cool coloured metal cups.

It was a also, however, a decade of massive change and divide. The Vietnam War consumed the nation, and large parts of the world, yet we still enjoyed picnics in the park and the Sunday night family roast.

So if you remember singing along to Dancing Queen, falling in love with John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and being allowed to stay outside until the street lights came on, then you’ll recognise most – if not all – of the 70 awesome (and not-so-awesome) things below from the glorious 1970s.


Those dance moves...

2. The cane

3. Charlie's Angles

4. Priscilla curtains

5. This

6. Bicycle baskets

7. School ports

8. Rods

9. Metal cups

10. H. R. Pufnstuf

11. The Leyland Brothers

12. Portable hairdryers

13. Drip candles

14. Teledex

15. Roller rinks

16. Platform shoes

17. Holly Hobbie

18. Encylopedias

19. Glo Mesh purse

20. Coca-Cola yo-yo

21. David Cassidy

22. Suntan oil

23. The fashion

24. Lava lamps

25. Swingsets like this

26. Charlie perfume

27. Drive-ins

28. Fuzzy Felt

29. Mickey Mouse watch

30. Mork and Mindy

31. Birthstone rings

32. Storm Boy

33. Tree Family

34. Ballerina jewellery box

35. Above ground pools

36. The Partridge Family

37. Sherbert

38. Bay City Rollers

39. The Brady Bunch

40. Watership Down

41. Bewitched

42. Music in a bottle

43. Swap cards

44. Shag pile carpet

45. This hairstyle

46. Picking mulberries from our neighbours trees

47. Coloured glasses

48. Stamp collecting

49. Typing class

50. These cars

51. The VW Beetle

52. Papasan chairs

53. Record player cabinets

54. Spurt chewing gum

55. Tupperware

56. String art

57. Cigarette machines

58. No seatbelts

59. Playschool windows

60. Starsky and Hutch

61. Humphrey B. Bear

62. Skippy

63. These clothes hangers

64. 8 track tapes

65. The NAB money bank

66. Romper Room

67. The mugs

68. Playing Oranges and Lemons

69. Roller skates

70. Harrison Ford

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