From iconic restaurants to trailblazing exhibitions: 7 unique experiences you need to try on your next Melbourne visit.

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The time has never felt more perfect to go out and enjoy life in all its glory. But instead of sending all of your money overseas, why not look a little closer to home for experiences that will make you feel great. 

Melbourne is the quintessential hotspot for the new, unique and totally different, offering a whole plethora of eats, exhibitions and experiences that will be hard matched anywhere in the world. And some of them, are not what you expect…

Lune Croissanterie

This place will have you dribbling on the sidewalk before you’re even at the door, the sweet, warm scents of dreamy baked goods floating by on a zephyr as you approach. 

Welcome to Lune, an institution in the culinary world where science meets craft to create some of the most surprising and mouth-watering croissants known to (wo)man. Each Lune croissant is so much more than the sum of its ingredients, mixing in patience, time, experimentation, refinement, and physical hard work.

Do NOT miss a visit to Lune Croissanterie, your tastebuds will thank you.


Goddess: Power, Glamour, Rebellion exhibition

Featuring iconic stories, characters and moments from over 120 years of moving image history, this brand-new exhibition at ACMI has me fist-pumping the many women who fought for our rights in the film industry.

A part of the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces series, Goddess: Power, Glamour, Rebellion is a documentation and celebration of women on screen, unearthing the stories of the true trailblazers of the industry. Think Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker and Geena Davis, all of these women, once underminingly branded as nothing more than sexist stereotypical nuances who grabbed the bull by the balls and shaped their own roles, took creative control and challenged narratives, defying expectations and fought a system that tried to exploit them.

Goddess covers five themes including Crafting the Ideal, which explores the history of screen culture and how Hollywood was built on the perception of beauty and glamour. Breaking the Binary, which explores gender norms and the female ‘ideal’. And, Dangerous Women, which looks at those who overcame patriarchal power and used glamour as a weapon to fight back against society. Lastly, there’s the Goddesses of Today, who carry on the legacies of those who came before them, paving the way for the girls and women who come next. 


If you’re looking for awe-inspiring, girl-power moments, or perhaps just a walk-through some of the most incredible female film history moments including never-before-seen costumes, original sketches, interactive experiences and cinematic treasures with the family, this exhibition is an absolute must-see. 

Goddess: Power, Glamour, Rebellion is running from 10am to 5pm daily from now until October 1 at ACMI on Flinders Street. Tickets are on sale now via the ACMI website.


Street art

When you're in Melbourne, you absolutely have to check out the street art. Take a stroll through the city's laneways and alleys, and immerse yourself in the vibrant artworks that cover everything from huge walls to tiny corners. It's like an outdoor art gallery that's always changing and surprising you with something new.

Hosier Lane, one of Melbourne's most iconic laneways is an absolute must see, you'll quickly see why Melbourne sits alongside the likes of Berlin, London and New York as one of the street art capitals of the world.

If solo exploration isn't your thing, there are also guided tours that will lead you to all the artsy hotspots in the city. 

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Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar

Since 1954, this Melbourne institution has been serving up some of the best Italian food and coffee in the city. Boasting incredible '50s charm, many features of the spot remained unchanged since its opening with red vinyl stools, chequered floors and mirrored walls drawing in visitors from near and far. 

But the food. Oh, the food. This is what you stay for. Rich pasta sauces, cheesy lasagnas and decadent cakes. Word on the street, is that Pellegrini’s had the very first espresso machine in Melbourne which ultimately kicked off the coffee-obsession that excites the city. It’s open for debate, but their neon sign is heritage-listed so...


Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Voted ‘Australia’s Best Major Tourism Attraction’ at the QANTAS Australian Tourism Awards, the heritage-listed Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne offer a plethora of unique outdoor experiences that are perfect for a family outing or the meanderings of a solo wanderer.


You can take a punt ride on the lake, participate in a guided cultural walk or have a relaxing picnic under the big oak trees, there’s always something new, fun and unique to enjoy at the Gardens. And if you like getting lost in nature, there are trails to explore and even a bus you can jump on to have a wider look around at nature in all its glory. The sensory garden was strategically created using plants that stimulate senses of sight, smell and touch, it’s the perfect spot to take a break and catch your breathe.



Step into the 1920s to experience some of the best chow you will ever taste in your life. Nestled within the landmark, Chicago-style Cavendish House on leafy Russell Street, Gimlet is a cocktail bar and dining room that, as they describe, 'brings classic European charm to the heart of Melbourne.'

This heritage gem was lavishly reimagined by Andrew McConnell and Acme and Co and like the space, the menu suits any occasion – catch-ups with friends, big family events and romantic nights nuzzling up within one of their intimate booths. 

The menu is exquisite and varied, ranging from snacks and starters like oysters and breads, to quality seafood and premium wood-fired meats. And as for unique, caviar service anyone? 

And, it also earned a prized position in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 longlist – coming in at number 84 by The World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy.  

Cocktails, benchmark wines and exquisite eats makes Gimlet the ultimate indulgence whilst soaking up the city in all it’s glory.



Fancy sleeping in a caravan on the roof of a building in the CBD? Sure you do. And you absolutely can at Notel, the ‘No Hotel’ which features six vintage 1970s Airstream caravans on top of a carpark.

But the fun doesn’t end there, in fact, once you book your van and download the necessary app, you will be sent on a bit of a clue trail to actually get to the rooftop. Think of it like an escape room, except rather than trying to solve a murder to get out, you’re simply just trying to get to your room for the night. 

If this isn’t unique, then I don’t know what is. 


So, what do you think? Is it time to pack those bags and explore Melbourne? Of course it is. Book now and get ready to experience something that will stay with you forever, all from the comfort of your own sunburnt backyard. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Experience all that Melbourne has to offer, starting with the Goddess: Power, Glamour, Rebellion exhibition, a celebration of women on screen. Book your tickets now.

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