7 great dog breeds for families

Four weeks ago my family got a dog. We did a bit of research on-line, gazed adoringly at cute puppy photos and even crowd-sourced opinions on Facebook on the perfect breed.

Many people suggested a rescue dog was the way to go. But in a household with two indoor bunnies and five outdoor chickens I decided it was safer to get a pup I could train to understand that our other pets are friends not food.

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We briefly considered a pug, but I was a little put off by the idea they can overheat. So we settled on the “oodle” category. And along came Charlie. Charlie is ADORABLE. He’s currently sitting under my desk at work nibbling my toes with his sharp little teeth.

And the kids love him. He’s the perfect size for the seven-year-old to carry EVERYWHERE.

Thinking about getting a dog? Here are 7 great breeds for families.