New document proves how much Channel Nine paid for the 60 Minutes kidnapping.

Channel Nine directly transferred almost $70,000 to the child abduction firm involved in the Sally Faulkner operation, Fairfax media have reported.

A bank statement has been obtained that proves Adam Whittington’s claim the Nine Network directly paid his firm, Child Abduction Recovery International (CARI) for the operation that placed him, Sally Faulkner and a four-person news crew in a Beirut prison.

An allegedly local source with ties to the case said Nine had made a mistake by paying the money into Sally’s nominated account without realising it was the infamous child abduction firm.

A Nine spokeswoman was unable to comment on the case and told Fairfax media: “We can’t make any comment as all these matters are part of the review we are conducting.”

Faulkner and the Channel Nine crew were released from jail on Wednesday after almost two weeks behind bars.

Adam Whittington and the other CARI agent remain in Beirut jail.