This 6-year-old has a message for toy manufacturers

Listen up, toy manufacturers: Riley Maida has an important message for you.

Riley is 6 years old and loves comic books and superheroes, particularly Black Widow.

However, Riley is a little peeved at the distinct lack of Black Widow-themed Avengers merchandise available. Unlike her co-Avengers The Hulk and Captain America, Black Widow rarely features in packaging and products referencing the comic super-team.

Riley knows this from experience – while she owns an action figure of the Russian spy, she had to order it online because she couldn't find any in her local toy stores. Her hopes of having an Avengers-themed birthday party were also quashed when she couldn't find any Avengers party supplies that included Black Widow.

So, with the help of her mum Sarah, Riley's taken to Youtube to address the injustice of it all – and she's made her thoughts on the subject VERY clear.

"Does anyone ever see any Black Widow packages? Does anyone ever see any Black Widow action figures? No. Noone sees any Black Widow anything – it's like she doesn't even exist," Riley explains to the camera.

"I think it is not fair. They think that boys wouldn't want to play with a girl action figure, and that girls wouldn't want to play with boy action figures … Every kid in my school gets the message the toy stores are telling us. But the messages the toy stores are telling us are wrong." 


Watch her impassioned plea here: 

It's not the first time this sassy, articulate kid has made her views known – check out this video she released two years ago:

At just 6 years of age, Riley Maida has managed to sum up how many women and men – of all ages – feel about the gender stereotypical toys available to kids these days.If you're a little girl, it's assumed you love anything pink, pretty and princessy. Likewise, trucks, tools and action toys are marketed exclusively to boys.

What's with that? As Riley explains, some boys want to play with "girl action figures" and vice versa. Would it hurt to mix it up a little?

Riley has one last suggestion for the Avengers merchandise team.

"While you're at it, you might want to make some girl Avengers underwear." 

Got that?