You're not going to believe what this little girl just did.

1. Watch. This. Video.

We know that surprising Susan Boyle-style talent show stories are a dime a dozen these days. But, seriously, you will not BELIEVE what comes out of this adorable 6-year-old girl’s mouth when she starts singing on America’s Got Talent:

An unsuspecting Howard Stern tells her that he can’t wait to hear Aaralyn’s ‘sweet music’. And boy, does he. Check out the incredible video:


2. Guess who’s in hot water for Tweeting their way through James Gandolfini’s memorial service? Click here.


3. Weirdest combination ever?

Ten has finally announced who will be co-hosting its new morning show with Ita Buttrose, and it’s not the person anyone was expecting: Joe Hildebrand.

Hildebrand, a News Limited journalist and editor, is no stranger to television, having made regular appearances on Channel 7’s Sunrise and Mornings, as well as Channel 10’s Can of Worms. He also hosted his own show on ABC, Dumb, Drunk and Racist. But it’s not the television part that’s a surprise; it’s the pairing of quirky Hildebrand with classic Buttrose that’s got everybody talking. What do you reckon – do these two make a good pair?

Things are already getting interesting, with Hildebrand releasing this statement this morning: “I have done a huge amount of things in my time as a journalist, but my whole life there have only ever been two goals that really mattered tome: to appear on television with Ita Buttrose and to beat Larry Emdur at his own game. Finally with this new show, I can achieve both these dreams. Please address all complaints to Ten.”

This should be fun to watch.



4. After finally divorcing hubby David Arquette, Courtney Cox has gone public with her new romance. Click here for details on the lucky guy.



5. How many things can you do with a penis pan? This many things.

There’s not much else to say about this except: if you ever get a cake tin in the shape of a penis, here’s some inspiration from PenisPans.com: (Seriously, this is a thing.)

To see more penis pan cake inspiration, click here.

6. Oh my giddy aunt! Martha Stewart has given a rather graphic account of her sex life during a TV interview … and it’s stuff you’d never expect the domestic goddess to confess. Take a deep breath and click here for details.
Photo courtesy of The Australian Women’s Weekly.

7. Another royal on the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly…

And we are definitley not complaining. Prince Harry is gracing the cover of AWW this month (on newsstands now), looking serious in full military gear.

The Prince joins a very exclusive group of men who’ve made the cover, the most recent of which was Hugh Jackman in 2012.

He’s a few years behind his brother though – Prince William booked his first AWW cover when he was just 5 years old.

8. Is Justin Bieber dating a married woman? Her cranky mother-in-law seems to think so. Details here.

9. We get it Miley, we get it. You’re not a Disney kid anymore.

She’s a grown-up, okay?

And in another attempt to prove that sweet young Hannah Montana is officially dead, Miley Cyrus made a bizarre appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, where she talked about grown-up things like getting stoned and making out with dolls. She also did the entire interview in her underwear and talked about her close friendship with Snoop Dog Fish Hamster Lion. She then went on to do a live performance of her new song We Can’t Stop, in which she spent the first minute humming and giving some dude a lap dance. SHE IS A GROWN-UP. Watch the video here: