Fess up: Your Facebook life is a lie, isn't it?


Guess what? People lie on the Internet.

I know.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Now, I don’t want to move too fast and freak you out, so I’m going to start small. Here I’ll list the main ways people lie on Facebook, and once you’ve had a few days to recover we’ll move on to Nigerian princes who want to give you $1 million and people who say they’re not interested in sex on Grindr.

Here we go – the top 6 ways people lie on Facebook:

1. To impress an ex

A skillful FB liar will enlist a friend to do the impressing here – posting about your own awesome life is for amateurs. For example, you stay home in a bed of tears listening to Nothing Compares 2 U on repeat, your bestie tags a photo at an awesome club with the status:


2. Your job description

You work as a receptionist at a tiling company. There’s nothing wrong with that. But on Facebook your job title is Forward Integration Strategist, because there’s nothing wrong with that either.


3. To cover up where you are

You tell that friend you can’t go out because you’re doing this:


But then that other friend you secretly did go out with tags you doing this:


4. Making your likes cooler than they are

You say you like this:

You actually like this:


5. Your profile pic

You know it’s true.


6. Linking to articles you haven’t actually read

According to Facebook, you’ve been reading this:

According to reality, you’ve been reading this:


Are you guilty of any of these Facebook lies? C’mon! We won’t tell…

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