CULT BUY: The $6 lipstick that tastes like chocolate, and applies like a dream.

I have this weird habit of buying lipsticks wherever I go.

Whether I’m in a random pharmacy in Hawaii, or a new Asian variety store that’s popped up in the suburbs of Sydney, I know for sure that I’ll be leaving with a new lipstick in my handbag. I can’t help it! I know, I’ll definitely be starring in some sad, future reality TV show about people who repeatedly buy the same thing over and over again, called something like “OBJECTS! I Just Gotta Have Them!”

Well, my compulsive lipstick-shopping has finally paid off, because I have found THE perfect bargain lipstick. You’re welcome! And no, I don’t give those receipts for lipsticks to my accountant to claim on my tax, because I am too embarrassed.

Carla Gee wearing e.l.f. lipstick in ruby red.

Here is the lipstick you’ve been searching for, and ladies, it’s in freaking Kmart. The e.l.f. lipstick range costs only $6 each, which is the cost of two normal coffees OR one soy coffee from a hipster café, if you are lactose intolerant like me. Sexy!

Okay okay, first things first, e.l.f. is a very cool cult beauty brand which has only been on the Australian market for the past few years. Think: new, on-trend, beauty bloggers, and cheap. They are mostly known for creating dupes (i.e. passable copies) of high-end brands. I think I have written and mentioned e.l.f. about eleventy billion times in my beauty articles, because every now and then they will make a product that is just so marvellous that I think you would be highly silly not to purchase it.


LISTEN: Is it problematic to try lipstick on in store? Post continues after audio.

NEXT, let me tell you about what e.l.f. lipsticks feel like on your lips: nothing. Yeah, you read that right. These lipsticks are super pigmented, have gorgeous finishes (matte or satin), glide on and yet stay in place…and still feel weightless. How???!!! Do their cosmetic formula scientist people also work for NASA?

And, ever so luxuriously, the lipsticks smell and taste like chocolate. *mmmmmm*

The shades range from nudes to bold reds, and they do not disappoint. My favourites are the Moisturizing Lipstick in Ravishing Rose, which gives a nice nude blush tone to my lips, and the Velvet Matte Lipstick in Ruby Red, a vibrant and deep cranberry red.

Carla wearing e.l.f. lipstick in ravishing rose.

What are you waiting for? Go and grab one of these lippies now! And then we can be co-stars on that new reality TV show, “LIPSTICK OBSESSION: I ate my weight in lipstick!”

(P.S. I am a nutter who really does buy lipstick all the time, so this is not a sponsored post!)

Carla Gee is a Sydney writer and content creator. Find her on Instagram and Facebook.