Five of the best mums to follow on Snapchat.

You’ve got Facebook. That’s good for keeping up with friends and pretending to buy into the perfect lives that everyone pretends to have. Then there’s Instagram. Great for styled flatlays and filtered perfection. But what if you crave some reality, some ‘in the trenches’ insight into other people’s days, warts and all?

That’s SnapChat, my friends. Not only the domain for sending pictures to your mates of food that looks like genitals (you’re welcome, Steph) but also a great place to interact with other mums.

SnapChat, for those not in the know, is an app which allows you to send images or quick videos to your selected friends. There are filters but there’s usually used for morphing your face into animals or something you’d see in a circus side show.

The great thing about SnapChat is that people are real. Because images can only see seen for a short amount of time, people tend to be a lot more open and honest about what’s going on and it allows us an insight into the day to day mundane activities that others are up to. In short, it’s a great social media perve fest.

We’ve previously covered the mums that you’ll want to follow on Instagram so here’s a list of the best SnapChattin’ mums to add to your friends list.

Zoe Foster Blake (SnapChat name: zingus)

Mel Watts (SnapChat name: themodernmumma)

She made our cut of Instagram mums to stalk and she sure as hell deserves a place on the SnapChat list too. Mel is mum to Aiden, Ivie and Indie and snaps her way into our hearts for her honest and real approach to motherhood. Only this morning she confessed to feeling like a 'shit parent' after finding out that her son needed dental work. (Remind me to tell her about the time I put my child in time out and told everyone to ignore his cries when actually, he needed to go to the toilet and was crying because he wet his pants. That was about 9:20 today) Mel posts the most raw depictions of her day which makes you feel a whole lot more connected to the outside world when you see someone else dealing with the mess, the tantrums and the lack of sleep that young children bring.


Chrissy Teigan (SnapChat name: chrissyteigan)


Image via Vevo.

Ok, so she's got a supermodel look, a musician husband and an adorable baby. By all accounts Chrissie should have her head well and truely up her arse. But she doesn't. In fact, Chrissy is one of the most down to earth celebs you'll find and her SnapChat is no different. Doing her bit to prove that she's not just a pretty face, Chrissy constantly has us giggling with her no filter, no hold's barred view of everyday life.

Bec Judd (SnapChat name: rebeccajudd)

Cute kids? Check. Enviable style? Check. Looking like a goddess with twins on board. Check. Bec Judd's SnapChat gives us a glimpse into her world and leaves me writing an imaginary homewares shopping list as big as my arm. Seriously, how is that woman just so damn stylish?

The Young Mummy (SnapChat name: sophiejane)

Sophie is one of Australia's biggest Instagram stars with a following well over 100, 000 but you're seriously missingout if you don't have Sophie as a SnapChat buddy as well. Here she posts some fun tid bits throughout the day and brings the giggles when it comes to overuse of SnapChat's hilarious filters.