5 nights. 5 dinners. Done.



Tip-toeing around the food pet hates of two daughters, husband and myself to come up with a dinner everyone will enjoy is tricky. I love experimenting in the kitchen as I’m still scarred by having chops and three veg five nights a week as a kid.

So – even though I know it goes against all the rules – I always make sure there’s a packet of ravioli in the fridge for the person who rejects my evening creation.

This week, my husband will be eating lots of ravioli because I have a few pork meals planned and he refuses to eat the stuff. But I’m a bacon fiend and every now and then I get bored with pandering and decide to create stuff THAT I LIKE for a change.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

Monday: Turkey burritos fresca

Have you ever cooked with turkey mince? It’s surprisingly yummy. Especially when it’s wrapped in a tortilla with cheese and refried beans!

Get the recipe here: Turkey Burritos Fresca.

Tuesday: Slow-braised pork shoulder with salsa

I work from home on a Tuesday, so I’ll pop this in the slow-cooker around 10am. I’ll also be a handy way to use up the leftover tortillas from Monday night.  My sister-in-law tested the recipe out last week on her three teenagers and they loved it.

Get the recipe here: Slow-braised Pork Shoulder With Salsa.

Wednesday: Orange fire chicken

The exotic flavours of pickled ginger, smoked paprika and tamari combine in this lucious dish. I might add the chilli after I’ve served the kids’ portions, though.

Get the recipe: Orange Fire Chicken.

Thursday: Cumin & rosemary-rubbed lamb chops

So easy to make, just rub the spices on and pan-fry. Fortunately my kids love rosemary. If yours don’t, you could give them plain ones. I’ll serve them with oven-roasted veggies and potatoes.

Get the recipe here: Cumin & Rosemary-Rubbed Lamb Chops.

Friday: BLT linguine

At the end of a long week, I like to treat Friday night dinner as a bit of a treat. This dish hits the spot perfectly. But, as my kids have learned, every meal comes with broccoli on the side (even pizza!).

Get the recipe here: BLT Linguine

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