What NOT to buy this season. An anti-fashionista's guide.


At the start of a new season many fashion editors, stylists and bloggers decree everything to be ah-mazing and in-credible.

And for a brief moment you convince yourself that yes, you too can wear pyjamas in public or dress in head-to-toe cobalt without looking like Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka:

If you’ve ever adopted double denim or heeled sneakers you’ll know what fashion regret feels like because in retrospect that oh-so-hot fashion trend looks cringe-worthy and ridiculous.

(I’m just glad Facebook wasn’t invented in the 90s.)

Most fashion trends seem like a good idea at the time but there are a special few you just know won’t work in real life so much so that you don’t even entertain the thought trying them.

Case in point:

1. Perspex clutches.

Peekaboo, I can see your floating tampons and scrunched up bus tickets.

Via Buzzfeed

2. The single earring.

Are you Captain Jack Sparrow? Can you handle everyone you come in contact with pointing out you’re missing an earring?

via Matches

3. Sheer clothing.

Sure Gwyneth Paltrow can flash some serious side butt on the red carpet in a sheer-panelled dress but is there ever a real life occasion where it’s appropriate to turn up in completely see-through clothing? The office? Nup. A wedding? No. The beach in 1974? Maybe.


4. Not wearing pants.

Like ever.

Image via Fashionista.

5. Finger bling.

No, not rings that sit around your knuckles but actually over your nails.

How are you even supposed to type?

Chanel Fall 2013 Haute Couture.

6. Really big hats.

But if you’ve got really strong neck muscles go for it.

Vogue Australia August 2013 via Visual Optimism.

 7. Hand bras.

As demonstrated by Lady Gaga in her new video.

Oh, and shell bras.

And hand pants.

Okay, just everything in this video.

What fashion trends do you regret wearing?