5 easy chicken breast recipes

Stuck for dinner ideas? Here are 5 delicious new chicken breast recipes that you can pull off in less than half an hour.

Almond chicken

You probably already have all or most of the ingredients in your kitchen to make this easy dish, so just say no to take away!

Get the recipe: Almond chicken

Healthy pan-seared chicken breast tacos


When all else fails, tacos are the answer to your dinner dilemma. Add some juicy chicken breast into the mix and you’re golden.


Get the recipe: Healthy pan-seared chicken breast tacos

Pan-fried chicken breast with rustic herb-tomato sauce


Step 1: Marinate the chicken for an hour or so before you plan to cook it. Step 2: Grab some fresh ingredients from the fridge and follow this simple talk-through recipe. Note: You can pan-fry the chicken in olive oil or butter (or as this blogger suggests, goat’s milk - just in case you happen to have it around). Step 3: Enjoy the gorgeous, tasty results - solo or with a lucky dining companion.

Get the recipe: Pan-fried chicken breast with rustic herb tomato sauce

Coconut chicken with greens


Dry chicken breasts are the worst. This four-ingredient recipe has you poach the chicken in coconut milk to ensure your dinner nightmares don’t come true. It calls for spinach, but you can throw in whatever leafy greens you have on hand.

Get the recipe: Coconut chicken with greens

Prosciutto and Gruyere-stuffed chicken breasts


Now wait, don’t run away just yet – this dish really isn’t that complicated. And who doesn’t want some fancy cheese and meat rolled up in more meat? With a little prep work ahead of time, you can come home from work and have a seriously delicious meal on your hands.

Get the recipe: Prosciutto and Gruyere-stuffed chicken breasts


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