5 dinners my kids love: spaghetti carbonara, pepperoni pizza, stuffed potatoes and more

I feel like I’m running a restaurant in my house each dinner time. Two out of three of my children are good eaters who try new foods and eat well but my adorable little middle child has a long list of foods he refuses to touch including anything green (which rules out using most herbs in my cooking unless it can easily be removed for/by him). So I end up cooking a couple of different dishes each night – Philip and Caterina eat both and Giovanni picks at one. And you know what else? The list of foods he will and won’t eat changes. One night he’ll eat chicken only, the next night he’ll eat rice only, the following night he’ll eat a bread roll only…it’s so frustrating. So this time I am choosing 5 recipes from our fabulous iVillage food section that I know all three of my children will love. Does your family have a favourite recipe? Take a snapshot next time you cook it for dinner, send us the recipe and we’ll add it to one of our galleries. Better yet, send five and we’ll give you a gallery all of your own! Send to BY JO ABI