5 dinners my kids love: Roast chook, baked pasta and nicoise salad

My middle son and husband are two of the fussiest eaters I have ever encountered. My eldest son, little girl and I eat pretty much everything and shake our heads at the delicious meals they reject including anything with capsicum, cucumber or visible onion or garlic (it’s okay if it’s hidden).

Each week I plan out five dinners we can all enjoy that even fusspots like them will appreciate and enjoy.

Toasted sandwiches and 2-minute-noodles make up the other two nights.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Monday: Classic roast chicken

We are the perfect family for roast chicken. Philip likes a drumstick, Giovanni likes a breast chopped up, Caterina eats the other drumstick, my husband has both wings with some of the breast attached and I pick at the remainder like a vulture. Can you believe I used to be vegetarian?

Get the recipe here.

Tuesday: Roast potatoes, as a main

Have you ever served crispy roast potatoes as a main? This is such a winner in my household. But they have to be so crispy or Giovanni won’t touch them. Serve them with some fresh bread (Philip makes a potato and tomato sauce sandwich) and include a salad or vegetable sticks.
Get the recipe here.

Wednesday: Baked Ziti with sausages and tomatoes

Okay, so the kids don’t actually eat the basil but pasta with sausages, tomato and melted cheese? Brilliant.

Get the recipe here.

Thursday: Deconstructed Nicoise salad

When you have children, most of the meals you serve can probably qualify as ‘deconstructed’. We are massive fans of fresh tuna and green beans are one of the vegetables we all love. Philip eats his salad without egg, Giovanni eats his without any dressing and Caterina, my husband and I eat the lot and lick our plates clean. Delicious!
Get the recipe here.

Friday: Spag Bol

We eat Spag Bol more than once a week because it is too easy and we all love it. I always make extra sauce and freeze it for even faster meals.

Find the recipe here.

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