Meet the 41-year-old gymnast who's made it to the finals of her seventh OIympic games.

When gymnasts Aly Raisman, 22, and Gabby Douglas, 20, qualified for their second Olympics we all cheered. For the sport of gymnastics both Raisman and Douglas are considered old for the sport, so qualifying for their second games is quite the accomplishment.

Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Meet Oksana Chusovitina, the 41-year-old gymnast who’s just made it through to the finals of her seventh Olympic games.


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Chusovitina, who competed for the Soviet Union in 1992 (winning the team gold medal), Uzbekistan in 1996, 2000, and 2004, and Germany in 2008 (where she won the vault silver medal) and 2012, has once again competed for her native Uzbekistan — this time against women the same age as her 16-year-old son.


On Saturday, the gymnast moved through the qualification round of the women’s vault with a score of 14.999. The final will take place on Sunday.

“I am feeling good,” she said in an interview with the Associated Press in the lead-up to Rio. “On the podium, everyone is the same whether you are 40 or 16. You have to go out and do your routine and your jumps. But it’s a pity there are no points for age.”

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Before Rio commenced, Chusovitina trained two to three hours a day, or what she calls, “not so much.”


“I love this sport, I love training, I am always eager to train,” Chusovitina told AP.

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If you’re thinking these games are her swan song, think again. Her manager, Michael Fabig, told AP he thinks Chusovitina may never be done with competing. “I don’t think she’ll ever retire,” he said.

Whether she wins a medal or not, Chusovitina is an inspiration to women of all ages.

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