Sophie Cachia found a brilliant way to show no two pregnant bodies are the same.

The Young Mummy, Sophie Cachia, is now a mum of two adorable children – but she hasn’t forgotten what it was like to be 40 weeks pregnant, overdue and taking nude selfies.

The parenting blogger took the opportunity on Thursday to throw back to January when she was awaiting the arrival of her daughter Florence and inspired by a Victoria’s Secret model’s pregnant portrait.

“#throwbackthursday back to when I was inspired to capture my overdue body to look like my fellow absolute glamazon Alessandra Ambrosio.”

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Cachia pointed out the similarities between herself and the Brazilian model with her tongue in her cheek, but the message coming through to us loud and clear…

Pregnant bodies look different, all are beautiful.

“You can hardly tell the difference, hey? Just two supermodels embracing their 40-week pregnant bodies,” she wrote.

“Except one had more hair on her chacha so required a subtle emoji to hide the substantial evidence.”

What do we see? Two big bellies.

And two bloody beautiful women.