4 ways to find energy. What's yours?

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As we inch towards the end of the year energy can seem a little hard to find can’t it? Which is why I am thrilled to read the very easy solutions that Kate has come up with…

“People talk about finding energy as if there’s a stash of it hidden somewhere. Like a $20 note in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn for months. But as quickly as you’ve found it, it’s gone. Everyone has a different way of finding energy – or, more accurately, creating energy. Some use a combination of techniques – some are well recognized my medical professionals, some are endorsed by crazies, but as far as I’m concerned, whatever gets you going is good. Here is my summary of the most popular human energizers:

1. Sleep People these days talk of sleep like junkies talk about a hit. They crave it more than anything – sex, money, iPads. It’s weird that being zonked out for 8 hours is such an effective energizer, but it is. Nothing makes you feel as great as a good night’s sleep. Problem is, you can’t buy 8 uninterrupted hours at the 7 Eleven. But imagine if you could …zzzz

2. Good food Happily, this is easier to come by than sleep. And it doesn’t have to be tea-smoked wild salmon with a Kale compote. Something simple does the trick – like HEINZ BEANZ. Simple, tasty, filling. Get into some Beanz on toast for breakfast, and because they’re low GI and high in protein you won’t be sniffing around for a muffin at 10am. Unlike sleep, you don’t need 8 hours to enjoy HEINZ BEANZ, and they are generally available at the 7 Eleven.


3. Exercise. ‘Kick-start your day with a trot around the block, a session at the gym or an ocean swim.’ The magazines are full of this advice. And they’d be right. No one ever feels worse after a swim. Exercise makes us feel alive – but its arch enemy is the couch and a novel. I feel about exercise the way I feel about writing – I hate doing it, but I love having done it.

4. A laugh with friends. A good gasbag with mates gets my energy levels up like nothing else. Trouble is, getting together is so hard to organize. Trying to find a Saturday afternoon we’re all free means we’re currently looking at February 2013.

There are a million different ways to energize yourself and your family. HEINZ BEANZ is one of the best, because they’re 99% fat free, high in protein, high in dietary fibre, low GI, low in saturated fat, low in sugar, a source of iron, a great source of folate & lycopene and counts as two serves of vegetables.

Of course there’s also meditation, caffeine, crystals, fear of failure and more!”

What’s your secret to finding energy? And keeping it up?

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