The drumming grandma video you have to see to believe.


Welcome to your 3pm Pick-me-up. It’s the first in a series of new posts that we’re running here on Mamamia.

So stop pretending to do whatever it is that you were doing before you found yourself here (yeah, we see that spreadsheet behind the browser window), grab a snack from the kitchen and settle in for a well-earned break.

Today’s 3PM funny post is brought to you by Aussie Bodies LO CARB Bars, the healthy snack when sugar cravings kick in.  All opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

Today’s Pick-me-up comes courtesy of senior citizen, Mary.

Mary looks just like your average nanna. She wears pastel shirts, has a well-kept perm and we suspect that, if given the chance, the lady would make some mean gingerbread for you to take home to your friends.

But Mary doesn’t have time for making gingerbread.

Or indulging in a spot of knitting.

Or hitting up bingo.

Because Mary spends her days down at her local music store.

Where she has the serious responsibility of being their resident badass ROCKSTAR.

Take a look at this awesome drumming grandma video, below:

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