The beautiful moment a blind woman "sees" her pregnancy scan.

Yeah, it’s a little cheesy. But frankly, it’s so sweet we don’t care.

Tatiana Guerra is 30 years old, and she’s been blind ever since she lost her sight at 17. She’s also 20 weeks pregnant with her son Murilo, so she’s never been able to see a pregnancy ultrasound.

Until now.

In this beautiful new ad for Huggies Brazil (and no, we’re not being paid to write this — we just really, really like it), Tatiana is presented with a special surprise.

Post continues after video:

The sonographer creates a print-out using a 3D printing station, then passes the 3D ultrasound, wrapped, to the nervous-looking Tatiana.

She is, predictably, delighted to see the results – especially when she realises the print-out carries a message written in brialle, which she reads out slowly, word by word:

“I… Am… Your… Son.”

Cue: happy tears.

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