Would you pay $600 to hold your baby before it's born?

You no longer have to wait 9 months to hold your baby. Images credit:

A US company is offering pregnant women the opportunity to create life size models of their foetus while they are still in the womb.


Yes, for the low price of $600, 3D Babies will create a life-size replica of your baby. (Or you can get cheaper if you aren’t into the life-size thing).

Now parents can hold their babies before they are born.

Yes, I hear you. Looks and sounds like a doll. But it isn’t. It’s your baby.

Here is how it will work:

Step 1: Get ultrasound.

They will use this ultrasound to design your baby so that their facial features are life-like. In other words, you will get a pre-screen of whether your baby has your nose.

Step 2: Pick your size

You get to choose between three sizes. Life size (of a 24 week old foetus) for $600 right down to 2 inches ($200).

Step 3: Pick your skin tone and position

Thankfully, 3D Babies has thought of offering multiple skin tones (that could’ve been awkward). And you can also choose the position of your baby, from conservative (covering their woohoo) to baring all.

And those who aren’t planning on being pregnant any time soon but really really want one. You can have a celeb baby. At the moment, only North West is on offer for just $250. Bargain, much?


The California-based company owned by parents of two little girls, aged 1 and 3, are crowd funding $15,000 to be able to purchase a 3D printer to get the company started.

Now…you might be thinking: what would you do with this 3D baby model. And the answer is… plenty.

You won’t need the doll at the pre-natal parenting class. You already have one.

When your friend pulls out their 3D ultrasound…well, you get to pull out the 3D BABY.

You can pull it out at their 21st birthday party…which would be even more mortifying for them than the nudie baby photos…particularly if you get the “baring-all” position.

Just one thing…don’t put it in the baby trolley seat at the grocery store…because THAT would be creepy.

What do you think? Genius idea? Or… not?