35 sex tips for girls (from men)

a man and a woman laughingAddvice on how to please your man than from another man. Perfct. From foreplay to full-on kinky, we've got some answers for you. From the mouths of the men who know

By Alexander James, Al Needham, Matt Wyman and a selection of men from the Lets Talk About Sex message board

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Phone sex

Sounds corny, but men are basic beasts. When he's least expecting it, phone him up and breath the sexiest moan down the receiver, saying: 'I was just thinking of you.' Then hang up. Make sure it's your man who answers though!


Stocking thriller

We love nylons and suspenders. If you wear them, go one better than most lovers. Put the knickers on over the suspender belt, instead of under. That way, they can come off, leaving those sexy stockings intact. Being inside our woman, while she's still wearing lingerie blows our mind.

Keep it trim

Waxed  bits are a fantastic incentive to get your bloke orally inclined, because there's so much more to kiss, nuzzle and lick, but stubble needs to be avoided at all costs. Think about it, his face will be moving in an upward direction, against the grain, so avoid making him look like he's put his head into a box of feral cats, and keep it smooth!

Stimulate him visually

Play up to his eyes with a slow, seductive striptease, and watch him go weak at the knees. Don't worry about labels or expensive lingerie too much, by all means dress to thrill, but you can just as easily make his heart race by tantalisingly removing your work clothes.

Be uncomplicated

This doesn't mean you have to be easy. Men enjoy a challenge, just so long as they know where they stand. So, if you want him to do something to you, he'll rate you for being up front about it, and eager to oblige.


Send him for his shower, and while he's in there start masturbating. When he walks into the room he'll be in for a great surprise.

Surprise him again!

Arrange when he comes in from work that you are in your sexiest undies or whatever he likes. Let him take his coat off then ATTACK HIM!

Also look at our better sex gallery and how to give your man the best oral sex ever. Why not even give tantric sex a try or try some new sex positions.

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