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1. Doctors missed ’32 chances’ to save baby Theo’s life before tragic stillbirth.

Paramedics getting lost inside a hospital and an over-heated birthing pool are among 32 mistakes that led to the tragic death of Theo Jones, the Sunday Mirror reports.

Sam Reid, 25, and her partner Dale Jones had enjoyed a “perfect pregnancy” and everything was normal as she went into labour on February 6, 2015. But things began to go wrong within minutes of her arrival at a UK hospital.

An internal investigation was launched and found 32 mistakes were made in the lead-up to Theo’s death.

A midwife gave Sam pain relief drug Meptid after she arrived at the hospital, which should not have been administered during her stage of labour.

Then, the same midwife – who has since retired after being given a formal 12-month suspension – overheated the birthing pool to 38.6 degrees celsius. Official guidelines state birthing pools should not exceed 37.5 degrees.

“I didn’t feel right at all in the pool. I felt like I was going to pass out,” Sam told the Sunday Mirror.

“The midwife kept topping it up with hot water and my partner kept questioning that and she said she was doing it because she needed to. It was scorching.”

In a 54-page report into their son’s death, investigators found the overheated pool caused a blood clot to form and Sam’s placenta to stop working, suffocating baby Theo in the womb.

When the midwife noticed something was going wrong, paramedics were called to transfer the family to another hospital. But a staff member called the wrong number, leading to delays.

Paramedics then took almost three times longer than their ‘target time’ to arrive, and when they finally arrived at the hospital “they didn’t have a clue where they were” and got lost.


After Theo was born, Sam and Dale spent the night alongside his body saying their goodbyes.

“It was heartbreaking,” Sam said.

“The worst part was driving home because we knew he should have been coming home. It was the hardest.”

Sam and Dale have since welcomed a daughter, Darcy Bow, four months ago, but their experience with son Theo made them “terrified”.

2. Man missing, feared drowned, after jumping in to save his partner when she was swept off rocks in WA.

A man is still missing after he jumped off rocks near Peaceful Bay, 30km west of Denmark in Western Australia, on Saturday in an attempt to save his partner, The West Australian reports.

It’s believed the pair were taking romantic selfies when the 21-year-old woman was swept off the rocks by a large wave.

The man, aged 31, raised the alarm before diving into the ocean with a bodyboard and life ring in an attempt to save her.

The couple were washed hundreds of metres out to sea, spending at least three hours in the water. The man pushed his partner onto a rock, but when she turned around, he had disappeared.

The woman managed to make it to shore and was found by fishermen, before she was taken to a hospital and treated for lacerations to her feet, shock and hypothermia.

Police and State Emergency Services crews continued to search for the man, but he has not been found.

Rough conditions hampered the search for him on Sunday.


3. Salim Mehajer charged over alleged assault of Channel Seven news reporter.

Controversial former deputy mayor of Auburn council has been charged with assaulting a Seven News reporter, just hours after he allegedly assaulted a taxi driver at Star Casino, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Police say 30-year-old Salim Mehajer was arrested at around 5am on Sunday after he allegedly assaulted a 38-year-old taxi driver during a disagreement outside the Sydney casino.

While walking out of Sydney City Police Station after being charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and larceny seven hours after his arrest, when he was refused a fare from another taxi driver.

When a friend in a white Porsche picked him up, a Channel Seven reporter allegedly stuck a microphone into the car, preventing Mehajer from closing the door.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Mehajer then used the driver’s door of the car to assault the woman, causing injury to her hand, before driving away.

He was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Sunday evening.

4. One child dead, six hospitalised after they were found unconscious near the indoor pool of a hotel.


A 13-year-old boy has died and six others are in hospital after an apparent carbon-monoxide poisoning incident at a hotel in Michigan over the weekend, ABC News reports.

The children were found unconscious inside and around the indoor-pool area of the hotel, with the Niles Police Department suspecting a carbon-monoxide leak from a broken pool heater is responsible.

Staff members found the children, aged between 12 and 14, unresponsive and unconscious on the pool deck on Saturday, and immediately opened the doors and called 911.

Fire Department Captain Don Wise in Niles, Michigan told reporters it was unknown how long the children were unconscious for before they were found.

The rest of the hotel was also evacuated.

5. Five-week-old baby fighting for life after parent’s refused ‘routine’ vitamin K injection.

A five-week-old baby boy is fighting for life in a Brisbane hospital after his parents declined a “routine” vitamin K shot given to all newborns, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The baby was brought to Lismore base hospital last week with bleeding on the brain, before being transferred to a Brisbane hospital where he remains in a very serious condition.


Doctors believe that if the newborn survives, he will likely be severely disabled.

The anti-vaccination movement has been scaring thousands of parents into rejecting the vitamin K shot, which is credited with saving hundreds of newborns dying from Newborn Haemorrhagic Disease.

Vitamin K helps blood to clot and is considered essential to prevent bleeding problems in newborn babies. Natural vitamin K deficiencies once killed around 15 babies per year in New South Wales alone, before routine injections introduced during the 1970s lowered the incidence to near zero.

The Daily Telegraph reports that ‘anti-vaxxers’ prefer oral doses of vitamin K over injections, but this “does not protect against late bleeding” in newborns can can be more serious ad often fatal.

6. Nine rushed to hospital after ‘horrific’ balcony fall at Brisbane house party.

Nine people have been rushed to hospital with cuts, bruises and suspected broken bones after a balcony collapsed during a party in Brisbane, AAP reports

Five people were taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, while another four were rushed to the Princess Alexandra Hospital after the accident at a St Lucia property on Saturday evening.

“Five to seven people were on it and it just collapsed underneath us…it was horrendous to see,” witness Julia Saleemi told the ABC.

Thankfully, no-one was standing underneath the balcony as it collapsed.

Investigations into what caused the incident are now underway.

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