The 3 beauty products that should be on your Sportsgirl shopping list.

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My love affair with lipstick started with the first one I ever bought myself – a red tube in ‘Bombshell’ from Sportsgirl. Yes, really.

It’s not the first place you’d think to go to for makeup, but it proved to be a reliable source, quickly becoming my go-to for cosmetics for my teenage budget.

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While my makeup bag has now grown to be a complete mix (read: mess) of different brands both high and low, Sportsgirl’s lipsticks have remained some of my favourites – and their other products are pretty impressive too. Here’s three worth adding to your shopping list:

1. Pout About It Lipstick

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The Sportsgirl lipsticks ($9.95) are truly some of the best budget ones I've ever used. Over the years the range of colours has grown enormously and there are some great classic reds and pinks as well as some bolder colours that you can try out without breaking the bank. They're long lasting, brilliantly matte and bright in colour.

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I'm yet to find a red I like anymore than 'Bombshell' although my favourite from the current range would have to be 'Gossip', a pretty but flattering warm pink. For a pinky-nude try 'Sweet Escape' and I'm also eyeing up 'Orange Crush' which I think will work as a great summer lipstick.

I'm pouting about it: Sweet Escape (left) Gossip (right). Image: Supplied.

2. To The Point Liner

I almost cried when my local store stopped stocking the To The Point Liner ($12.95) - I'm not sure what happened, but I'm very glad to see it back online. This was also my first liner and helped me master the wings that I do pretty much every day.

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The tip is basically like a felt tip pen, which makes it really easy to control and do a variety of thicknesses. It doesn't dry out like most pens and lasts for ages - both on the eye and the pen itself. A great one to carry with in your bag at all times or to test out and experiment if you're new to liquid liner. (Post continues after gallery.)

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3. Blink Big Fibre Lash Mascara

I reached to use this mascara ($12.95) the other day and couldn't find it - then eventually located it in my sister's makeup drawer. Turns out she rates it as highly as I do: a good mascara with an even better price.

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The wand is nice and long to coat all your lashes and the colour is very black, which make it dramatic. It delivers massively on length (thanks to the added fibres) and volume and is good to curl without going clumpy.

Have you used Sportsgirl's beauty products before? What do you recommend?