5 smart, expert hacks to keep your coloured hair healthy.

Thanks to our brand partner, Schwarzkopf

Nothing can infuse you with a new zest for life quite like a vibrant, fresh hair colour.

But it’s not something that can be achieved without a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

With COVID-19 restrictions in most Australian states easing and (socially distanced) social events slowly starting back up, it’s time for lacklustre hair that’s been sitting on the bench to get back in the colour game.

However, just like you wouldn’t start painting a house without preparing it first, you can’t just colour your hair without a little preparation and research.

So, here are five, Schwarzkopf expert-approved hacks to keep your coloured hair looking healthy.

Hack #1 – Just like an athlete stepping onto the field, your hair needs pre-game prep.

As much as a new colour will give you a lift, it’s not a quick fix for damaged or distressed hair.

Instead, it’s better to start a new regime for your hair in the weeks leading up to the colour, focusing on strengthening your hair with products that don’t contain artificial colourants, so it has the capacity to heal.

“The condition of your hair prior to colouring will determine how long your colour will look its best,” the team at Schwarzkopf’s adviceline told Mamamia. “So the better your hair condition is in prior to colouring, the longer the colour results will last.”

The Schwarzkopf team recommended using products that are designed to work together specifically for coloured hair, such as the new Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH range.


The range includes colour-locking minerals and pomegranate oil to strengthen hair and lock in colour vibrancy, while remaining free from artificial colourants.

Schwarzkopf's new BIO-TECH range includes three great products especially for coloured hair. Image: Mamamia.

Hack #2 - Approach your hair care like you would a tasty dessert - it’s all about finding the right ingredients.

It's important to remember that not all hair products are created equal and the best way to decide if a product deserves a spot in your hair care regime is to take a close look at the ingredients. Each ingredient should play an active role in repairing your hair in preparation for colouring.


“We spend time and effort in applying a colour, so it’s important to prepare our hair with a care range to complement this,” the team at Schwarzkopf's adviceline told Mamamia.

The team recommended products such as Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH Colour Radiant Shampoo and Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH Colour Protective Conditioner, paired with the Schwarzkopf BIO-TECH 4-in-1 Treatment.

"All of our BIO-TECH shampoo and conditioner formulas contain liquid Keratin to help repair existing damage and fortify the cell structure for future damage protection," the experts said.

"Use products that are designed to protect heat-damaged hair, that contain ingredients like liquid Keratin." Image: Getty/Mamamia.

These colour shampoos and conditioners also assist in restructuring the hair itself, providing a healthier 'canvas' to apply your hair colour for optimum results.

Hack #3 - Spontaneity has no place here - routine is essential for maintaining newly coloured hair.

The work doesn't stop once your fresh colour has been applied and you've snapped the obligatory new hair pic for Instagram.

All of your careful preparation will be undone if you don't use products that actively work to seal your hair.

"At-home maintenance after colouring your hair is most important in keeping your colour fresh and to prevent fading," Schwarzkopf's team told us.

"By keeping your hair in optimal condition, the cuticle of the hair remains sealed and helps keep the colour in longer. In our BIO-TECH Colour range, we have an amazing 4-in-1 BIO-TECH  Colour treatment which is a multi-purpose four-in-one solution.

"This treatment can be used as a pre-shampoo, as a conditioner, as a mask or as a leave-in treatment. It contains protein, for strengthening hair, reduces breakage and retains moisture for smooth, soft, and shiny hair. It also contains Babassu Seed Oil for repairing, adding shine and colour vibrancy."

Keeping it vibrant for longer is the goal. Image: Getty.

Hack #4 - Don’t ignore the true root of the problem.

It all depends on how quickly your hair grows, but for most of us,  roots will start to peek through about three weeks after a colour. They will then start to become more noticeable around the four to six-week mark.

Of course, it's not advisable to be doing a full recolour at home every few weeks, but there are some at-home methods you can safely utilise without damaging your hair. Like a temporary root cover - hallelujah!

"A quick and easy application of a root cover such as our Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher spray works instantly by depositing microfine mineral cosmetic pigments in a temporary colour that covers regrowth or greys in an instant," the team shared.


"It ranges in five shades and washes out when you next shampoo."

Alternatively, if you’re after a more precise application then the Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara is your best bet with a brush to coat the hair perfectly when you only have a small touch-up to do; it’s also convenient to carry in your handbag when on the go.

Hack #5  - If your hair can't handle the heat, step away from the straightener.

It's a fact not always universally acknowledged that excess heat styling is one of the fastest ways to see your hair colour fade and then die a low, split-ends riddled death.

"Damage can be due to over-processed hair, from the usage of heat styling tools," the Schwarzkopf experts said.

So along with always using a heat protectant spray before styling,  it's important to give your hair a little bit of protective armour with the products you use on the days where you do utilise heat styling.

Using products that are designed to protect heat-damaged hair, that contain ingredients like liquid Keratin to help repair existing damage, will make up for the days you do have to reach for the hair curler.

What are your suggestions for at-home hair hacks to protect coloured hair? 

Feature image: Getty/Mamamia.


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