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Wondering what's ahead this year? Here are the 2017 horoscopes for every star sign.

What’s coming up for you regarding work, money and love in 2017? Astrologer Yasmin Boland of Moonology gives you a full report, plus offers you a completely free eBook if you would like to work out your own astrology birth chart.

Click on your star sign in the list below to find out what the stars have in store for you in the new year:

Aries: improved relationships.

Taurus: happy days.

Gemini: lots of life lessons.

Cancer: a game of two halves.

Leo: game-changer.

Virgo: a soulmate who heals you.

Libra: this could be your lucky year.

Scorpio: eliminate your money worries.

Sagittarius: another year of hard work.

Capricorn: a year of professional success.

Aquarius: never mind the past, it’s an eclipse year.

Pisces: reality versus the dream.

Want to learn how to read your own chart?  Click here to download Yasmin Boland’s free Astrology book as a PDF.

Yasmin Boland is an astrologer and moonologer and the best-selling author of several Hay House books including ‘Astrology‘ and ‘Moonology’. You can read her forecasts and predictions at her site Moonology.

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