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2017 horoscopes: The year ahead for Capricorn.

What’s coming up for you regarding work, money and love in 2017? Astrologer Yasmin Boland of Moonology gives you a full report, plus offers you a completely free eBook if you would like to work out your own astrology birth chart!

Overall in 2017: A year of professional success.

With lucky Jupiter in your Career Zone until October 2017, this can be a year of expansion and improvement when it comes to your professional life.

Your secret to success in 2017.

You’re one of the most ambitious signs and that powers you through life. And in 2017, you have the chance to really make your professional mark as lucky Jupiter completes his once-every-12-years move through your Career Zone. Aim high, think big, expand and be confident. You could get some amazing results which will boost you for years to come.


There are eclipses in your Money Zones this year which mean there could be unexpected developments to do with cash. Good developments? They most certainly could be however money is energy and responds to how you feel about it. if you’re scared about your cash flow, be sure to set some aside for a rainy day. Note that every sign has two money angels. Yours are Uriel and Raziel. As them for help if you need financial assistance in 2017.

What you need to know about love in 2017.

You’re a tough-nosed business person, but when it comes to love, you’re a total softy. You come across as having quite a hard shell but you most certainly have vulnerabilities. Your challenge in 2017 is to work out how to allow people to see your softer side without having to fall apart completely before you show it.

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Yasmin Boland is an astrologer and moonologer and the best-selling author of several Hay House books including ‘Astrology‘ and ‘Moonology’. You can read her forecasts and predictions at her site Moonology.

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