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2017 horoscopes: The year ahead for Aquarius.

What’s coming up for you regarding work, money and love in 2017? Astrologer Yasmin Boland of Moonology gives you a full report, plus offers you a completely free eBook if you would like to work out your own astrology birth chart!

Overall in 2017: Never mind the past, it’s an eclipse year.

With largely unpredictable eclipses in your sign and your Love Zone, 2017 is a year when anything could happen and probably will!

Your secret to success in 2017.

Is that you don’t give up. While other signs might try and fail and decide to try something else, you’ll dig your heels in in 2017 and refuse to quit. Quite often, as a result, you can succeed in 2017 where others have run out of courage, and thus failed. This will all work extra well for you in 2017 as the eclipses stir you up.


All bets are off as the 2017 eclipses toy with you and challenge you to change your life, when it comes to work, love, money and everything else. If you need some celestial help, talk to your two money angels; Sandalphon and Metatron. In particular if you’re having financial issues in 2017, ask Metatron for assistance. He can solve anything, like a genius solves a Rubic’s Cube. Throw him a financial problem!

What you need to know about love in 2017.

You are a very pragmatic sign and yet, in a weird astrological twist, you really crave a gorgeous lover than you can be proud of. Tell your beloved that if he/she wants to keep you happy this year, you need to feel adored and they also need to keep themselves nice; rightly or wrongly, you want someone other people wish was theirs!

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Yasmin Boland is an astrologer and moonologer and the best-selling author of several Hay House books including ‘Astrology‘ and ‘Moonology’. You can read her forecasts and predictions at her site Moonology.

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