Yes, this year's Brownlow Award red carpet is anything but boring.

From Moana Hope‘s twist on the suit, Sarah Roughead’s surprise ‘accessory’ (read: baby bump) to dresses in all the colours of the rainbow, this year’s Brownlow red carpet is anything but boring.

With Bec Judd and Nadia Bartel not in attendance this year (their partners are now retired although as Brownlow medallists can still attend future ceremonies) and Buddy Franklin recovering from minor ankle surgery so no Jesinta Franklin, there’s a new wave of partners taking centre stage.

Let’s be clear – we all know the AFL Brownlow awards are about more than just the pretty dresses. It’s to celebrate the achievements of the players throughout the season.

But while the men in shorts may be a familiar sight week to week, the incredible women that support them – whether wives, girlfriends, mothers or sisters – aren’t. So on football’s night of nights, as they dress up for their partner’s work ‘do, as we all do, it’s a chance to give a little nod to them for their contribution.


So yes, it’s about more than the dresses. But given how much effort it takes to book a babysitter, organise hair and makeup and get all dressed up (we’d know if we ever got out of our trackies) it’s also nice to appreciate how lovely everyone looks.

The little King gets what he wants when he wants it ????????#brownlow17

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You won’t find a best or worst dressed list here. We think everyone looks fab. But a bumper album of everyone dressed to the nines on the red carpet? Step right this way.