The most talked about Brownlow personality didn't even walk the red carpet.

It may have been the night of nights for our footy greats but the name on everybody’s lips wasn’t that of a player.

~ Brownlow Security Guard ~ 

He stood off to the left and held his arms in a gentle flex – or maybe he just held his arms – the jury is out on whether they have a relaxed state.

Not a word passed his lips but his mere presence sent social media into the flutter of a fan girl.


Channel Nine correspondent Tom Steinfort was one of many Twitter users who re-circulated an image of the guard.

“Forget the WAGs, no one has done more “preparation” for tonight’s Brownlow than the security guard protecting the votes,” he said.

The topic of the off-screen ‘gun show’ soon began to trend as users tweeted their disbelief.

“Was that a real Armaguard worker or the stripper version? Jeepers,” one viewer said.

“How’s the size of the Armaguard unit carrying in the Brownlow votes!”Another added.

Conspiracy theories soon began to spread – was he a paid actor, a wrestler in disguise or indeed, an adult performer?

We may still not know the true identity of The Brownlow Security Guard but I’m sure I’ve seen him before…

Oh yes, that was it, in every #shreddingforstereo post there ever was.

* Featured image via Twitter.