What everyone wasn't wearing at the Oscars after-parties.

It’s a who’s who of who didn’t get invited to the ceremony. Plus everyone who did.

Yes, the Oscars are fun. But they’re also long, you can’t drink, and you have to wear, you know, clothes to them.

But the Oscars after-parties? They’re short, boozy and, judging by this year’s outfits, the less actual clothing the better. And knickers? Knickers are a no-no.

Take a look:

Yesterday’s Oscars brought the very best in the biz to Hollywood for a night of awkward jokes, brilliant singing, Oscar-worthy acceptance speeches, and Meryl Streep doing this.

But everyone knows it’s the parties after the awards (the after parties, if you will) that see the actors show their true colours.

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In case you’re thinking they couldn’t possibly be wild, let’s remember this moment from last year’s Oscars after party:

The biggest parties are the Vanity Fair Oscars Party and the Elton John Foundation after party.

And it’s not just the winners and losers who get to go – it’s basically a who’s who of everyone who wasn’t famous enough to get invited to the Oscars. Hey, at least they don’t completely miss out.

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And in case you missed it (seriously, how could you?), click through the gallery below for all the 2015 Oscars red carpet action.

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