VIDEO: A moving tribute to The Year That Was 2014.





This year hasn’t just flown. It feels like we were flung out of January and we’ve now crash landed in December.

Hello and goodbye, 2014.


But 2014 was a huge year.

Shocking aviation tragedy as two planes crashed and all souls were lost.

Schapelle was released.

The Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.

#Bringbackourgirls drew attention to the fate of hundreds of girls kidnapped by Muslim extremists, Boko Haram.

Ian Thorpe came out.

Bloodshed in Gaza.

The Football (cough…soccer) World Cup.


Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Todd Carney peed in his own mouth (ok, so you don’t want to remember all of it).

We lost Gough Whitlam, Robin Williams and Phillip Hughes.

It was a huge year and, with the help of the ABC, you can now remember it all.

The ABC has put together a clip of its most popular videos from 2014 and it is a moving vignette of everything that happened this year.

Relive it all here:


Did the ABC leave anything out? What was the most significant thing that happened in 2014?