Mollie and Oscar fell pregnant at 13. Here's what their lives look like, two years on.

Mollie Smith was 13 years and 11 months old when she fell pregnant with her son, Theodore.

She hadn’t intended to fall pregnant at all, and she knew, upon reading that pregnancy test for the very first time, that perhaps her boyfriend wouldn’t be stoked with the news.

“I had gastro, but I had a funny feeling it was something more. I took the [pregnancy test] and it came back with [a positive result]…  and Oscar was not impressed I don’t think,” Mollie told The Project on Wednesday night.

Oscar Wilks, then also 13, worried about what his parents would say.

“I just sort of wondered what my parents would think, you know. There are a lot of things running through your head at that point.”

The two were taking contraception but, like so many do, thought pregnancy would “never” happen to them.

Image: Channel 10.

"I was on the pill, then I stopped and moved to another one which was horrible. In between that period, we were just a bit stupid, weren't we? Yeah, I fell pregnant. I think we thought it will never happen to us," Mollie told the show.


“I don't think we thought about what it really meant to have a child… I think the parenting skill is much the same for anyone. You pick it up as you go."

Oscar is refreshingly candid about how he felt in those early weeks. Initially, he didn't want the baby at all.

"I will say this brutally honestly, I was pretty pushy for [an abortion]. After the first ultrasound, I sat in there and they were like blasting the heart beat over the speakers, definitely changed my opinion very quickly."

Mollie, on the other hand, was determined to have the baby she begun forging a connection with from day one.

"I felt such a connection to Theodore. During my pregnancy, I was so connected to him."

In December last year, Mollie gave birth to the couple's second baby, Delilah, at the age of 16. Despite the fact they are two teenagers with two babies, Mollie and Oscar cherish the relationship they've built together.

"[How Mollie does it all] is beyond me. I don't understand how she gets through her days sometimes. She's very inspirational," Oscar said.

"I couldn't imagine a life without Oscar," Mollie added. "I have built a life for myself with Oscar in it."

More than that, she Mollie says while backlash comes, she tries not to listen.

"I'm not a bad person. I just have two children.

"The judgement comes from people with a lot of lack of understanding of our situation. As long as we know our kids are happy and the house is running and, you know, they're fed and they're happy, I think really that's all that matters."

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