16 signs you're the mum of girls

If you’ve got a little princess at home, then odds are you've already revealed one or more of these signs that you're a mum of a girl.

1. Your laundry is a landmine of loose glitter, melted Chapsticks and crushed seashells.

2. You know every word to every Taylor Swift song ever written.

3. You’ve had to justify your pedicure to a kindergartener. (“Because Mummy has a job and that’s why!”)

4. You’ve searched online for “creative stuffed animal storage” more than once.

5. You’d get all of those stepping-on-LEGO jokes if they substituted Polly Pockets or Littlest Pet Shop.

6. You will circumvent the outside perimeter of the shopping centre in a hailstorm to avoid walking by Diva.

7. You’ve witnessed an epic meltdown unfold over… hair.

8. You’ve caved and let your child go to the supermarket wearing a feather boa/princess costume/tutu because you just couldn’t have the argument one more time.

9.You have a drawer — or possibly an entire armoire — dedicated to stickers (stickers you will eventually have to scrape off of your windows, car seats, doors and walls).


10.You’ve justified allowing Barbie dolls in your house with the airtight “but she’s a surgeon, an astronaut and a news anchor!” argument.

11. You’ve bribed your child to wear something impossibly cute.

12. You fantasise about your daughter kicking ass at something — playing pool, fixing cars, surfing, playing drums — decidedly un-girly.

13. You’ve offered cash money for five minutes of silence (alas, nobody has ever taken you up on it).

14. You know all of the names of the Disney Princesses.

15. You’ve watched her perform a sexy dance move and just about fallen off your chair.

16. There are days you gently try to ditch dad so you can have "girl time" together.

Jenna McCarthy is an internationally published writer, TED speaker and the author of five books including If It Was Easy They'd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon: Living with and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-so-handy Man You Married (Berkley Books, 2011). Find her at,Twitter and Google +.