15cm and counting. Does size matter?

Nadia Barlow. We’re not sure what the deal is with the puppets but hey? We like puppets too.


I am writing this because I’m fed up! What am I fed up with? I’m fed up with high heels.

Actually, I like high heels. I own a few enviable pairs that occasionally make their way out of my wardrobe. I usually spend the first hour admiring my feet from all angles, while the rest of the night I’m left hobbling behind my friends croaking, “Wait for me!’ I will never understand how women can spend a whole day in them. But I buy them anyway, because they’re pretty. And they make your legs look HOT. So I see them as a treat for my feet. Because that’s really all I can handle!

The last few years high heels seem have become more and more popular. And they also seem to be getting high and higher. I used to think 5cm was high, but now I’m relieved when I can find a pair that are under 10cm. I’ve even seen some at 15cm. I will never buy shoes this high, and while I don’t have anything against other people wearing them, what I do have a problem with is high heels that size being the only option available.

“But what about ballet flats?” you say. Well I am over ballet flats. It’s as if the designers have said. We’re only making super high heels now and for anyone who doesn’t like it, they can have ballet flats. I would like to be able to wear a flat shoe other than ballet flats. I have a friend who actually damaged her foot wearing them because they were too flat. Apparently a little heel is better than no heel at all.

“But what about boots?” you say. I love boots, but can you wear them with a formal dress to a wedding? (And not going for the boho look?)

15cm high Peeptoe heels.

And I’m not that hard to please. I would be happy if there were more shoes around the 5cm mark. Even 8cm if I really had to compromise. But 15cm? When will it end? I’d just like a more manageable height, something you can survive the whole day in if you’ve got a gig as a bridesmaid, or you’re getting married – both of which I am doing this year!

For some reason I can’t help feeling personally offended by it. It just seems against women. In the western world we criticise other countries for practises that we consider to be oppressive against women, such as foot binding or even wearing the burqa. And with full knowledge of the physical damage high heels can cause our bodies in the long term, how are we any better?

Feminism is about choice. I have nothing against women wearing heels as high as they like. It’s their choice. But I would like to have a choice too. If you visit online shops, or walk into any mainstream footwear chain looking for formal high heels less than 8cm, you will find very little choice available.

Ironically, the one thing that comforts me is the knowledge that nothing ever stays the same in fashion. I can only hope that in a few years these super high heel mutations will be gone… destined to be replaced by yet another ridiculous trend that will dominate the market place.

Before discovering the world of blogging, Nadia worked in television production for several years, and considers writing for Play School a career highlight. Nadia also enjoys reading, belly dancing and having tea parties with her friends.

Do you wear high heels? How high is too high?

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