15 totally wacky wedding poses

I spotted this photo on my Facebook feed recently and loved it so much, it prompted me to start searching for inspired wedding poses. Wow did I get more than I bargained for …

For a start, it turns out the bridal party above weren't the first to do the whole "wedding dinosaur" thing. As you can see from this happy snap  ...

And this ...

And this ...

But it's not all prehistoric gags. Check out some of these wacky wedding poses:

1. The killer wedding

2. A different sort of bridezilla

3. The photographer-just-couldn't-help-themselves shot


4. Flash photography

5. Cheeky wedding snap

6. Words fail me ...


7. Evolution of a bridal party

8. Get a room!


9. My mates are super


10. The bride stripped bare

11. Well of course the sheep are coming to the wedding ...

(There's a bit of a story to the last one.  This couple appeared in an issue of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Enter If You Dare when shepherdess Louise Fairburn from Lincolnshire, England, got married in a wedding dress made of wool from one of her own flock. Her Husband Ian wore a woollen waistcoat made from the same sheep. The dress took 120 hours to make. Louise, who even carried a Bo Peep-style crook on her big day, loves her sheep so much that they featured in her wedding photos.)
Did you pose for any funny photos at your wedding?