Four things you'll definitely see in 13 Reasons Why season 2.

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Hannah Baker’s story isn’t over yet, with 13 Reasons Why confirmed for a second, 13-part season.

Netflix has teased fans of the show – which in its first season pieced together the events leading to Baker’s suicide – with five new clues about what the new episodes plan to tackle, including, of course, the aftermath of the teenager’s death.

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“I think that there is so much that’s fascinating about the way we grieve, the way we recover, the way we learn to take better care of each other,” showrunner Brian Yorkey told Entertainment Weekly.

“I have heard from a number of people, ‘Well we heard all her tapes so her story is done.’ That’s leaving aside the fact that for every tape there’s another person who has a story, which is the person Hannah mentions on her tape.”

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Netflix has promised season 2 will offer other perspectives on the tragedy, with a new narrator to take the high school student’s place.

Early episodes of the show now also come with content warnings after it was widely panned for its deft handling of sexual assault and suicide.

“We saw Hannah’s version of events unfold, but there’s a lot more to be told also about those characters. To me, there’s a tremendous amount that I still want to know,” Yorkey said.

“I’ve said a few times that this show is about the way we raise boys up into men and the way we treat girls and women in our culture — and what we could do better in both cases.”

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