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This 12-hour rule could be the answer to getting your life back to its happy place.

The 12-hour rule could be the life hack you’ve been waiting for.

We know self-care is super important (and trendy AF) and we also know that work/life balance is bullshit.

There’s going to be some periods in your life where work is everything, and there’s going be other periods in your life where other things – like your family – take priority.

Then there’s all those other times in between when you’re trying to squeeze everything in and feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

It’s bloody hard to find time for yourself when you’re working, being a parent, pursuing creative pursuits and doing a trillion other things every single day.

So how do you find a little ‘me time’ – a little downtime to rest, recover and get shit done?

12 hour rule
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Jillian Michaels, trainer on the US version of The Biggest Loser and mum-of-two, might just have the answer.

Michaels says the secret to her success and her ability to achieve a bit of work/life balance is carving out 12 hours every week for self care.

Yep, she spends 12 hours every week looking after herself. Not her kids, or her partner, or her clients, or her millions of fans - herself.

"I find that on the aggregate - setting aside 12 hours a week to take care of you is enough to function," she recently told Thrive Global.

"We have 112 waking hours at least so 12 shouldn’t be that hard to piece together."

During those 12 hours, Michaels fits in four 30-minute workouts, she goes on a date night with her partner Heidi, she squeezes in beauty appointments and doctor visits, and she catches up with her friends.

The 12 hours are spread throughout the week and how she fills them changes on a weekly basis depending on what she needs to get done - but she always gives herself at 12 hours every single week of me time.

"I work pretty damn hard and I manage to do it so if I can, anyone can," she told Scary Mommy.

What do you think of the 12 hour rule? Would you try it?

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