12 Days of HoliDIY: Geometric garland

Deck the halls with this modern garland from Lovely Indeed.

Add a modern touch to your Christmas decorations this year with a geometric garland! Just a few sheets of paper come together to create a polished, chic garland, perfect for hanging from a mantle or trimming a tree. Choose from three different sizes to create your cubes, and string them together in your favorite holiday colours.

What you’ll need

Free printable templates (smallmediumlarge)
Computer and printer
Scoring tool or butter knife
Glue Dots

Step 1

Print out the free templates in small, medium, or large. Cut along the solid lines.

Step 2

Score all of the dotted lines. Place the ruler along the dotted lines and apply downward pressure with the scoring tool or butter knife. (If you’re using the butter knife, be sure to use the side that is not serrated.)

Step 3

Fold all of the scored lines.

Step 4

On the outsides of the small tabs, apply one or two Glue Dots.

Step 5

Fold one end of the cube together, pressing the joints firmly where you placed the Glue Dots.

Step 6

Lay twine diagonally across the half of the cube that is folded. Be sure to tuck it into corners that are diagonal from each other.

Step 7

Fold the remaining parts of the cube together, being sure the twine stays in the correct corners.

Step 8

Repeat with as many cubes as you like! Push them together or leave some space in between – it’s up to you. Hang and celebrate!

You're done!