12 celebrity wedding dresses that dated horribly.

You’re ready to make a lifetime commitment to your groom. Brilliant.

But have you thought about just HOW BLOODY LONG that wedding photo might sit on the mantlepiece? A LOT of people are going to see it, so choose your frock wisely. It’s all too easy to forget the ‘lifetime commitment’ part of the wedding dress deal. And the pictures prove it.

Take Princess Diana’s wedding dress in 1981. Undoubtedly the biggest wedding of the 20th century, every girl wanted to be her, every woman wanted to dress like her. But the gown itself? Stunning at the time, sure, but in 2015? It’s the very definition of silk meringue with its ridiculously puffy sleeves and creases that are oddly reminiscent of scrunched-up toilet paper.

Or how about British pop singer Mandy Smith, who married Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, in 1989.

Her veil is a scientific feat of gravity denial, and this snap was definitely taken before the ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ message became part of the modern psyche. No doubt considered beautiful at the time, viewed through modern eyes the frock is… not.

Fast forward to 1994 for proof that even 20 years is a very, very long time in wedding dress trends. The gown worn by singer Celine Dion is truly hideous by current standards.

The headpiece is… we’re not even sure what it’s made of, but looks a little like the wigs worn by the French aristocracy in the 18th century.

The prominent breasts are no doubt encased in that brilliant 1990s invention, the Wonder Bra, and that waterfall veil – well, Celine’s face says it all, right?

Here are another 13 glorious celebrity wedding dresses that have dated badly. We’ve included a few wedding dresses from this century we suspect will prompt people to say ‘It was the fashion at the time‘.

Emma Thompson married Kenneth Branagh and wore vintage (1989).

Angelina Jolie married Brad Pitt and wore Atelier Versace (2013). Her kids drew the pictures on the train.

Christina Aguleria married Jordan Bratman in Christian Lacroix (2005)

Katie Price married Peter Andre (2005).

Mariah Carey married Tommy Mottola and wore Vera Wang (1993)

Pamela Anderson married Kid Rock and wore a very small bikini (2005).

Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew and wore Lindka Cierach (1986).

Tina Turner married Erwin Bach and wore Armani(2013).

Victoria Beckham married David Beckham and wore Vera Wang (1999).

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