She has 12 sons and is pregnant for the 13th time.

Will the 13th be their first daughter?

12 sons.

Yes, for this US couple, they have been pregnant 12 times and each time it has been a boy.

“I love being pregnant. I’ve spent half of my life being pregnant. It’s very neat and very special,” says mum Kateri Schwandt.

And now Kateri is pregnant for the 13th time with her due date set for the 9th of May 2015.

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Kateri and her husband, Jay, expect number 13 to be a boy. You see, even though it is their 13th, they have more patience than most of us (especially me), they aren’t finding out the gender. It is part of their tradition of being surprised.

"If we were to have a girl, I think we would go into shock. It would probably be disbelief," Kateri told The Grand Rapids Press.

While the parents would welcome either a boy or girl, dad Jay said he wouldn't mind a little girl. "I've experienced all the boy stuff. As long as we are having all these children, it would be really neat to experience the other side."

"The stuff that goes on in this house is all-boy — roughhousing and wrestling. If there was a little girl in there, I assume it would be different," he continued.

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However, mum Kateri thinks another boy would be easier. "A little girl would be neat to have in the house, but a little boy kind of takes the pressure off. We know what we are doing. Why change things up?"

Kateri and Jay eldest son is 22-years-old and their 12th son, Tucker, was born on 4 August 2013.

The family are devout Roman Catholics and don't believe in the use of birth control.

What do you think is easier...a baby boy or a baby girl?

Top Image via AP Photo/, The Grand Rapids Press, Chris Clark. 

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